21 November 2023
Hradčany v zimě (**Hradčany in Winter**) di **Jiří Jilovský**

Hradčany in Winter

The works of art to which I react the most, for the most part, intrigue me, make me think, or give me immense admiration for the artist’s skill. I don’t remember ever being given a sense of peace and serenity like I felt when I found Hradčany v zimě (Hradčany in Winter) by Jiří Jilovský at the National Gallery in Prague. Photo by Nickpatsik, from Instagram.

13 November 2023
A bus-todon (a bus with its exterior fully decorated with the skeleton that such a creature would have) out on the streets of Brussels

Weeknotes - week 45, 2023

The Marvels and Häxan the highlights of a rainy week

12 November 2023

App Defaults

Following the current trend, the list of my most used apps

05 November 2023
A more than life-size (death-size?) Jack Skellington in Tim Burton's Labyrinth

Weeknotes - week 44, 2023

Walking through Tim Burton’s mind, deep down in Benson & Moorhead’s Cosmic Horror, and a few horror nuns

04 November 2023
A screenshot from the official *Now and Then* video on [YouTube](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Opxhh9Oh3rg)

Now and Then

My opinion on the ’new’ last Beatles track

29 October 2023

Weeknotes - week 43, 2023

The Devil’s Plan, Killers of the Flower Moon, and a Belgian restaurant