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21 July 2024

Two unexpected horror connections

Intersections between horror films and real life

Peter Doig’s Echo Lake at Tate Britain
Just a quick post to document two horror-related connections I came across last week.

15 July 2024

Weekly visions - week 27, 2024

Where we dangerously venture into kiri-kiri-kiri territory

The poster for the film-of-the-week - *Martyrs* by Pascal Laugier

These past weeks I have often used the guidance of Scott Derrickson’s top 100 horror list external link to Letterboxd Created with Sketch. to choose my cinematic entertainment. At this point, the films included in it that I haven’t watched yet belong to one of these three categories - films that I just can’t find on streaming, classic movies from the ’60s and earlier (which - with exceptions - I don’t find very interesting), and films that are notoriously difficult to watch (which require the right mood).

08 July 2024

Updates to this site

Getting to know Hugo better

In the past few days I’ve applied some changes to this website - are they improvements? I’d say so, but it’s a matter of taste, I guess.

04 July 2024

Weekly visions - week 26, 2024

An unintended Mike-Flanagan-adjacent week

The poster for Ti West’s 2009 film *House of the Devil*
This week most of Europe was busy watching the UEFA football championship; I’ve tried too, but I haven’t been able to watch more than twenty minutes of a match without questioning what the point is in spending time watching such a widely accepted non-violent form of Nationalism. But then, millions of football fans could ask me what is the point of spending time watching a reasonably widely accepted non-violent form of violent acts simulation? To each their own…

30 June 2024

Something from Almost Nothing, or, There and Back Again

My contribution to June 2024 IndieWeb Carnival

Writing on a pre-defined theme has never been my cup of tea. Even at school, writing an essay meant facing an hour of total lack of inspiration, and coming up with something - in readable handwriting - in the half hour or so left.
This is what the IndieWeb Carnival external link reminds me of. I have waited for the good part of June to even begin to write, and I have five days left before the deadline (though Andrei external link - the host for this month - has kindly extended the deadline by a couple of days).

29 June 2024

Weekly visions - week 25, 2024

What’s it all about, Paolo?

The poster for Liam Gavin’s film A Dark Song