24 May 2024
The poster for Ghostwatch

Weekly visions - week 20, 2024

Featuring masterpieces that I didn’t enjoy that much

18 May 2024
The poster for the 1972 film Sleuth

Weekly visions - week 19, 2024

The films I watched during the week

14 May 2024
A shelf in the new HMV Shop in Brussels

A Blu-ray of light

A new destination for my Saturday afternoon walks has opened in Brussels

10 May 2024
The poster for the film All of Us Strangers

Weekly visions - week 18, 2024

A couple of great films, a series everybody liked but me, plus I keep hurting myself by watching ‘Friday the 13th’ sequels

09 May 2024

I want my creative environment back

Old man makes excuses for not writing

01 May 2024
The poster of Alex Garland’s Civil War

Weekly visions - week 17, 2024

The summary of the films I’ve watched this week - exceptionally, featuring comedies!